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What do we usually expect when buying services from major supplier? It's nothing else but good quality in due time, but meanwhile you can often get high prices and an indifferent attitude. Small companies promise affordable services and an individual approach, however, the impeccability of the work is not their strong point.

Our building and construction company UAB Delsita is a bright example of perfect combination of that is required for the most comfortable cooperation and invites you to experience this yourself! We carry out quality repairs of apartments and offices in Stockholm, other cities and abroad. We deal both with secondary housing and new buildings following your wishes and budget plans and putting our hearts into the embodiment of your dreams.

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Construction and finishing works

UAB Delsita performs all kinds of construction and finishing works in Sweden and Lithuania. You may order the finishing of just one or several rooms as well as a full renovation of an apartment or a house on a turn-key basis.

Floor finishing

Floor finishing process of apartment renovation may include the following works:

Ceiling finishing

Ceiling finishing process of apartment renovation may include the following works:

Wall decoration and furnishing

Wall decoration process of apartment renovation may include the following works:

Please, feel free to contact our specialist by phone +46729358679 (Dmitrijs Polonecs) for more information on construction and repair projects in Stockholm and other cities or countries.

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Cleaning services

None renovation is complete without cleaning. We can do a full cleaning of apartments and offices during and after repairs. Everything is it`s up to your needs!

While repairing an apartment or an office, our company never forgets about this rule and therefore the Apartments and Offices Cleaning are in a big list of our services. For example, how can we let the consequences of bathroom and lavatory equipment repair (such as dirt, dust, pieces of concrete or cement) remind you of the trouble? And such unpleasant situations can be different. Some need only pipe cleaning, while the others may require emergency response service.

By the way, cleaning services are becoming more and more popular today. Apartments and offices cleaning is relevant to maintaining cleanliness, and accordingly, the appearance of the facility. Cleaning of apartments and offices maintains the reputation of institutions and companies in the eyes of clients and partners. After all, the premises contained in an apple-pie order already show that you are dealing with a reliable company. As for household chores, Apartments and Offices Cleaning Services is a very convenient option for those who simply have no time for housekeeping, as it is not always possible in Stockholm, which sets the rapid pace of life.

UAB Delsita experienced professionals will easily repair your bathroom and lavatory equipment or electrics; they do TV antenna tuning or rearrange the furniture. They can really do anything you want!
And a perfect cleaning of apartments and offices is always at your service!

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Roof repair

UAB Delsita is also specialised on roof repairs.

Our company performs both major repairs and routine maintenance of metal hard, soft and ceramic roofing.

Our specialists will also determine the most effective repair options for you after an on-site assessment and during the maintenance of your roof.

The roof repairing process looks as follows:

  • All damaged roof covering is dried and restored.
  • We replace the old roofing material with a new one.
  • We replace roof boarding and counter batten.
  • We strengthen the rafter system.
  • We lay additional waterproofing layers.
  • We lay a new insulation.

Based on the above, we can provide you with several options: a whole scope of roof repairing works or any of the repair stages for a particular situation.

Indications for roof repair:

  • Deterioration of external roofing
  • Leakage inside the house, as a result of leaks inside the roof
  • Dampness in the attic or garret
  • Roofing shelf-life expiration.

UAB Delsita performs all the works listed above only after a thorough analysis and roof wear evaluation using high-quality materials and professional equipment.

Repair from start to finish is carried out in compliance with all technical and operational requirements and applicable standards.

The UAB Delsita employees have a great hands-on experience. Each of them has a Climbing Certificate and all the necessary equipment.

High performance at a low price is your best choice!

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Carpentry services

Despite there are lots of new building materials, you can't beat the solid wood products for environmental friendliness, impeccable aesthetics, natural beauty and richness of texture. Thus, the carpentry services are popular today as never before. It`s pretty hard to find a good carpenter in Lithuania or Sweden.

Our building and construction company UAB Delsita offers you the best carpenter services. Our professionals deal with all kinds of wooden structures repair, assembly or installation and will definitely return the ideal order and comfort to your house.

Our qualified carpenters have extensive experience in the field of carpentry; they use professional equipment and quality consumables, the purchase of which is agreed with the customer in all cases. The team of UAB Delsita carpenters will qualitatively and promptly perform any works with the possibility of further warranty service.

Minor troubles that should be handled by a qualified carpenter always occur in any house. Please, call us and get full information on the cost of work and time to completion.

The most common carpentry jobs:

  • Repair and installation of doors and windows
  • Installation and replacement of locks, door handles, hinges
  • Laying and repairing floors made of parquet, laminate flooring, floorboard or cork
  • Installation of plasterboard structures, suspended ceilings and curtain tracks
  • Furniture repair and refreshment of wooden surfaces
  • Patio or terrace building.

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